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Online Courses

We will be making more courses available over time.

Online Foundation Vedanta Course

Any individual who seeks to know the Vedantic Philosophy and earnestly wishes to apply it in his life is welcome to join this Foundation Vedanta Course. It is not required for students to know Sanskrit. This is not a course for mere academic knowledge, it is rather aimed at transforming oneself.

Facilitator: Dr Ramesh Pattni, DPhil (Oxford) OBE
Duration: 24 weeks


Bhagavad Gita Course

This course aims to offer to all sincere seekers, knowledge of this eternal, timeless manual of life with emphasis on practical application. The aim is to give a deep insight into each chapter as it charts an individual’s journey of life with its various trials and tribulations, to his ultimate goal of life. It provides a thematic study of the Bhagavad Gita, providing a thorough grounding for a subsequent more detailed study of the text.

Facilitator: Brni. Shripriya Chaitanya & Prof. Uma Kambhampati
Duration: 18 months
(Special discount for full-time students)

Email: kishor@chinmayaacademy.org

Introduction to the Essence of Truth

The student will comprehend the essence of Truth as it is discussed in the introductory Vedantic texts (Tattva Bodha and Ātma Bodha) and will achieve a basic understanding of the concept of the relationship between the individual and God. With an awareness of Vedanta principles, further study of more advanced Vedanta texts will result in a change in personal attitude, harmony and balance in the student’s life and those around him.

Facilitator: Prof. Uma Kambhampati
Duration: 6 months

Email: kishor@chinmayaacademy.org

Courses coming soon:

Make it Happen

Make It Happen™ is a unique self-development programme, based on the wisdom of the scriptures crafted by Swami Swaroopananda in the form of 18 sequential chapters with exercises.

Facilitator: Milan Samani

Advanced Vedanta Course

The primary aim of this one-year home-study course is to provide clarity and depth to your Vedantic study. All important Vedantic concepts dealt with in the Prakarana Granthas, such as Vivekachudamani, Atma Bodha, Tattva Bodha, Vakya Vritti and Panchadashi are covered in a series of 24 detailed lessons.

Facilitator: Dr Ramesh Pattni

Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Mathematics is a blessing to everybody in this day and age when people’s numerical skills are deteriorating as the use of calculators is increasingly commencing at a younger age. Vedic Mathematics’ shorter, quicker and easy to remember techniques enable any student to do calculations faster.

Facilitator: Dr Ramesh Pattni

Easy Sanskrit Course

 The Easy Sanskrit Course is a simplified initiation and foundation for beginners keen to start their journey into the world of Sanskrit. It has been designed in a manner
that anyone regardless of mother tongue and age will get acquainted with the salient aspects of the
Sanskrit language.

Facilitator: Dr Abhijit Mandal

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